My drive disapeared using RC1

I had Vista RC1 on my pc for a little more than a day and Sat. night my disk drive disapeared. It was working fine up until than. It would'nt read the disks or anything, no error,s either. I look in My Computer and notice that the drive is no longer there. That was the major problem. I had some issues with the Media Center part of it not being able ot watch or listen to any videos or radio stations. the only music and vids I could watch and listen to were the ones I put on my pc myself. The other problem I had was I noticed that it took Vista longer to load anything, WinXP was faster. I fixed al of these problems especially my missing drive problem by popping in my pc's recovery disk, restarting my pc and thank God my drive read the disk so I am now back to WinXP, that was my solution to fixing these problems.

This is the drive that disapeared.

I've been reading other posts on other Vista forums and have found out that other ppl are having the same issue or similar. Some are like my situation or the drive is listed in device manager but with an error next to it so they are unable to use the CD/DVD ROM drives. Obviously there is a problem with Vista taking ppl's drives off of there pc's. PPl have told me to remove the drive from the mother board and reinstall it and see if it fixes the problem, well thats all fine and dandy but should'nt be having to do that just to use our drives and Vista at the same time.

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