My experiences with Microsoft Security Essentials

I have used MSE as my anti-virus the past few months and have encountered several infections one of which took complete control of the cpu until I could track it down and terminate the process.

Turns out it was the process wmiprvse.exe which ran as a service. I see that others have also encountered this little gem:

I eventually had to reinstall windows7 to get rid of it completely

Also I have just done two quick scans(one with Malwarebytes and the other with MSE). Malwarebytes shows that I have 9 infections and MSE says that I have no threats.

Has anyone else had similar or other problems with this product.

I have had a few problems with my old anti-virus also, but was always able to rid the sytem of the viruses with combo fix. These were what I would consider minor nuisances.


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avcodec-52.dll | ThreatExpert statistics
avdevice-52.dll | ThreatExpert statistics
avformat-52.dll | ThreatExpert statistics
swscale-0.dll | ThreatExpert statistics

I am not going to go through the whole list, but as you can see, these are actually not threats. Maybe Malwarebytessaw it as a threat because they are under your ROOT of Program Files (x86) and not in a software installation folder. Try moving them to their proper folders and see if it detects them as threats.

I have been using MSE for a few days now and I like what it does.

MSE is not perfect, yes, so it's a smart idea to have M'bytes clean-sweep periodically and especially after an infection detected by MSE.

I had a Trojan detected by MSE and it was supposedly cleaned but a scan with M'bytes showed this trojan has placed itself in 3 locations on the hdd so MSE missed two to cleanup.

Evidently, this is spyware which is installed as components with the vendor name being spyware.onlinegames. I did not install these components. I have visited some online game websites.

Remove Spyware.OnlineGames: Full OnlineGames Removal


There are a slew of these if you google "spyware.onlinegames".

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