Windows 7 My first Virtualization Experience.


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When I first decided to jump into the Win 8 Dev. Preview I decided, based on recommendations of fellow members in the Windows Secrets Lounge, to install Win 8 Dev preview into a virtualization environment. I downloaded Virtual Box from Oracle and attempted to install it in my Win 7 Ultimate OS. The first error I got was my system did not have virtualizations enabled. When I looked at my Bios, there was no area to enable virtualization. I was told I would have to update my Bios to allow this. When I looked at my PC with Win 7, there was no Bios update offered. Then I remembered (Look at my pic, I'm old and gray. Had to get my brain cell to fire.), my PC originally came with Vista and I upgraded (clean install) to Win 7 Ultimate. When I checked my PC with Vista, low and behold there was the Bios update. Flashed the Bios and I was able to enable virtualization. Success, Virtual Box installed properly and I was able to install Win 8 within the virtual environment.
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This didn't work for me, the Vista Upgrade Adviser has been removed, and the Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser said that my PC was Windows 7 ready. How can I find out if there is a BIOS update for me, for free. HP says no, all original & optional updates/upgrades are listed on the OEM site, but the BIOS isn't one of them.

I ran a scan once, I forgot the software, there was a BIOS update detected for my system, but I was re-directed to BIOS Agent Plus (or a similar name), they wanted $25 for their services. What decided me against it was the disclaimer: They were to be held harmless should their update caused my computer to be an expensive paperweight. What kind of customer service is that?

When I bought this ThinkPad T42 a couple of months ago, I ran the installed System Update, it updated to a newer version, and it detected & installed the latest BIOS, along with several drivers & programs, for free. If indeed there is a BIOS update that can give me new features, I'd like to find it.

As far as VT, I have the option in the BIOS to do so, it's been enabled for over 2 years, when I first installed XP Mode. My current BIOS version is Phoenix Technologies LTD, version 5.11 (08/28/2009). The MB name is HP Capirona (Socket S1G2), as reported by Speccy, the same developers who wrote CCleaner.

Is there anyway to manually find the update? I tried Phoenix, but they re-routed me to that BIOS Agent Plus, just as the other update program did.

EDIT: Here's my BIOS specs:

BIOS Settings for the Capirona Motherboard HP Pavilion All-in-One MS225la Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

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