My headphone jack not working properly

hi guys new person here but i guess ill get straight to the point.
when i plug my headphones they are recognized and everything but just say i watch a youtube video with commentary i can faintly hear the commentary but mainly what i can hear is some kind of music that is not related to the video. but if i watch it without headphone there is no music.
please help thanks guys

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Headphones are acting like an antenna & grabbing some radio signal. Bad ground somewhere. Try new headphones. Otherwise it's the jack.

hi thanks for replying i did try some new ones but still the samething happened is there a way i can fix this ?

also if it helps i am using an asus U31F with windows 7 64 bitand an i5 core

Try an external (not the M/B) audio card. Will eliminate the jack, etc.

ah thanks i will try that hopefully will work and thanks again for replying i tried on many different sites nd they haven't replied yet for almost 2 weeks


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It is a little out of the normal type situation. But if your headphones are recognized, can you go to the playback devices (right click speaker icon) and make changes to the properties or configuration of the headphones?

Can you change the volume? Do you have volume sliders for specific types of sounds in the mixer?

Is it only on You Tube the sound problem occurs or with Media Player also.

The music in the background might be some type of bleed through you can hear because he headphones are more sensitive, especially at high volume levels.

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