Windows 7 my hl2.exe isn't working.

Grumpy Gordon

New Member
Jul 22, 2013
Hello everyone! I'm actually in a need of help. I'm not sure if I'm in the right section, but my hl2.exe has stopped working. Everytime I start a game that uses that engine such as Counter Strike Source, Garry's Mod, Team Fortress 2, etc. It works when I start the game up, but the moment I click on servers it freezes, When I went to my Task Manager it says "Team fortress 2 isn't responding" and when I turn over to the processes in the task manager it stays at same number like it's up -->117,456 <-- (Just an example) so then like every time I always end the process. Yet when my cousin came over, he started up TF2 then goes to Training mode and plays with bots and it doesn't freeze at all! hl2.exe is working perfectly fine for his account, but when it comes to playing online, connecting to servers, it freezes as well. I do not understand in the situation my computer is in. Any help will be appreciated, Thanks!

(If a screenshot is needed, jpg, mp3, etc then I shall give one upon request.)

As a comment, Steam has lots of problems. I recommend to buy a hard copy = CD / DVD of the game, and register it. That way one gets all support.

Best wishes, Grumpy Gordon, and all of you out there. :)