my icons have changed!

hi my win 7 been running great,but i have noticed some of my desktop icons have changed to mmm! a white page with the top right hand corner folded down with a sqare box in the centre 3 little coulured icons that are to small to read.
how do i get my original back

oh this is on the desktop and thr botom bar thanks

Do they still work when you click them? Sounds like they have broken from the programs they were pointed to. If were all of them it may be a problem with your display settings.

yes they still work any thoughts?

Rigth click on a bad one and check the Properties then Change Icon... the path to the icon that is assigned to it is either incorrect or the icon itself (the shortcut links to) has been moved or deleted. Most Icons are stored inside a .dll file There are a load of them in the windows\system32\shell32.dll file.

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