My keyboard makes a wierd "blip" kinda sound in my speakers.


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Hi people,

I am experiencing a weird problem with my Windows 7 64bit installation, if I don't use the keyboard for a while it makes a sort of "blip" sound in my speakers.


I am browsing a web page, and I have found an interesting article, I scroll with my mouse to read it. When I am done reading I would like to give the poster/author some feedback I navigate to the text area AND then when I make the first stroke on my keyboard the "blip" sound comes simultaneously with the press on the key and it keeps coming [FONT=&quot]occasionally [/FONT] while typing a long text (in this example the "blip" sound have appeared 6 times).

I really have no clue what so ever, ALL sounds are OFF in the Control Panel > Sound menu. I tried the on-board sound card, and the PCIe x1 card that came with the Motherboard with the same results :confused:

My hardware is:
Board: ASUS Maximus Extreme II
CPU: Core i7-920 d0 @ 4.2GHz
MEM: 12GB DDR3 RAM running 1600Mhz instead of 2000Mhz (Corsair Dominator GT)
GFX: 3x XFX Radeon 4890 Black edition (Crossfire)
SOUND: M-Audio Fast Track Ultra (USB sound card with of course latest drivers)
KEYBOARD: Microsoft Wireless Desktop Elite Keyboard (with both the Purple PS2 and USB connected)
MOUSE: Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 (USB)


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That's actually a good question GTK66.

I am thinking that the USB connector was for the wireless mouse (R.I.P.) i once had and the PS2 one was for the keyboard (since the colour is purple).

I will try to disconnect them one at a time to see if its any difference, also i need to get over to the Microsoft hardware site and see if I can find the keyboard and maybe some explanation on why there is two connectors.

Thanks GTK66 for your sharp eye, I have not thought of that..

I will keep you all updated!!!!


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I remembered correctly, the USB connector is for the mouse while the round PS/2 connector is for the keyboard and that is actually true because if i pull out the USB, nothing happens, but if i pull out the PS/2 the keyboard stop working!


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But this keyboard is on the way to the trash anyway so I will hope the issue is non-existent when I buy me a new one!

Maybe i can lent a one from a mate and then see if the sound problem goes away.

Thanks anyway for your time GTK66 much appreciated!

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