My laptop acer aspire 5680 have black screen problem

help my acer aspire 5680 have a black screen problem whenever i try to open the laptop. when i open the laptop there will be beep-ing sound and then nothing will appear on my laptop screen. i suspect this is a black screen problem. HELP ME PLEASE.Thank you :)


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It could as simple as a corrupt system file to a CPU fan failure. Look at the list of beep sounds and try to determine what kind of beep it is: Computer POST and beep codes


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As zvit is suggesting the beeps you are hearing may indicate the failure of a particular hardware component and if the laptop has been mishandled or treated roughly perhaps a memory module or other device has become unseated or otherwise disconnected.
What I would do first is perform a full power reset of the laptop.
Make sure it is off
Unplug the power adapter (charger)
Remove the battery
Turn it back over and open it and press and hold the power button for a slow count to 30
Close the laptop
Turn it back over and replace the battery
Plug the AC adapter (charger) back in
Open the laptop and power it up.


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On top of Touble's excellent suggestions - Try running it without the battery. One of my family had the same problem, with a partially dead battery. Worked fine without and, subsequently, with a new battery.


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Also, try turning the computer on with the SHFT key held down until you see the windows logo.

Holding the shift keys for some time can't work . But it slow down the beep sound . Any one have a better suggest ? :) Thank You :)

My laptop have no battery it run on the power adapter. :) Thank You for your suggest :D

MY laptop have heard 1 long beep and 2 beep :) anyone can tell me what's is it :) ?


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That, I am sure, will be a video card problem. Extremely difficult to solve with a laptop. But it may be overheating. Do you have the knowledge to open the flap at the bottom and clean the cooing fans and copper cooling tubes?

Fwiw. Why are you running without a battery? "My laptop have no battery it run on the power adapter" That, long term, could have caused the problem. The battery also helps to stabilise the Power, if it develops a slight fault.

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Sorry i dont know how to cool the fans and the copper tube :( Any simpler ways ? :D Thank you

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