My Laptop keeps freezing and won't startup Windows 7


Im having a few problems with my laptop, its an Acer Aspire 5735 and have not long put windows 7 32 bit onto it, it has been working fine for about a week or 2 now and last night i turned it on and it would not start up at all.

I have tried starting it up normally but that fails to work, it gets to Starting Windows and just freezes there, nothing happens at all. Also i have tried the Windows Startup Repair (recommended) and that fails to work as well it just gets to microsoft corporation and just freezes there aswell, i have tried booting up from the CD but that fails as well, it gets to loading windows files then freezes at the end again. I have tried network boot as well and this fails also.

So i am just wondering is there anyone who can help me with this problem.

Abit out dated but may i suggest that you try installing windows bootmgr onto a flash drive and booting it from the usb? Might help... I signed up to this forum just to answer that question it didnt have a date on so i thought i should have a pop lol

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