My laptop makes a weird noise


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So when i got back from my rice i turned on my laptop at home and it did CLICK CLICK CLICK and the laptop did say NO HARDDRIVE FOUND is my harddrive fixable??? i think my harddrive is dead from the shock of the plane and a few days later (2 days) i turned it again on and to my surprises the harddrive didn't click and was running perfectly but my pc still didn't detect it im using a HP ELITEBOOK 745 G2 and the harddrive is a HGST harddrive i can't find the model but is it recoverble

By the way : The original harddrive was a WD Black and i removed it because that HGST harddrive had 6GB per second write and 12GB per second read so great harddrive and it died my original harddrive was 3GB per second and 4GB per second write speed



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if the drive failed and you need the data then yes most of the time you can recover it... the down side is that this is cost $$$ because a human needs to open the harddrive up and use a special tool to read the disc one at a time.

it may just be that the harddrive is on the way out but not fully dead yet and in that case you can normally remove the drive to a different system and recover what you need from it but don't wait forever mate... have you got a shop | friend that knows how to replace a hdd for you?


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If it's a repetitive click then the it's probably the actuator arm has failed or crashed into the platter. Data recovery may be possible but you are talking $1,000-$2,000 to recover the data from a recovery specialist company (Level 3 data recovery)