My network freezes my pc

Hallo everyone ...
I my counting on your help for my problem..

So here is how the story goes

I have made in my pc a few motnhs ago a clean install of win7
I started to notice some freezes in my pc in specific actions

1. When im using mtorrent sometimes it freezes my pc when downloading but the curious thing is that it doesnt do it all the time
2. When i was trying via Wi-Fi to acces my share drives from my laptop and try to copy a file it crashes. But when i put a cable in my laptop im working fine in copying files over network
3. Yesterday i got my popcorn hour a-210 after completing all the steup needed i opened it and when he saw my movies over the network ( connected via cat6 cable ) after a few minutes it freezed also my pc...

How all these thing connect together?
Is it a network card problem?
Or something else i must search?
Help me plz because its starting to get annoying...


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lremound :
Hello and welcome to the forums.
When the computer freezes, what do you typically have to do to recover?
Is the freezing producing any dump files, search the computer for *.dmp
You of course should double check the driver dates for the network adapters you are using (both wired and wireless) and make sure you have the most current drivers installed from the manufacturer's website.
Also since the wireless router / switch is a common denominator, you may want to contact the manufacturer's website and see if they have any recent firmware updates that may help.
You can also zip and upload your msinfo32 file and we can take a look for you to see if there is anything obvious causing the problem (just type in into the search or run box and hit enter)

Dear Trouble
Thanxs for your reply to my problem

Problem solved...
I found out that the drivers of my network card was out of date so when i updated them the problem dissapearred.
Thank you again for your advice...


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As always, very good to hear that you've managed to resolve your problem. Thanks for posting back and updating your thread with that informations.
Great to have you as a member of our community and hope to continue to see you around.
Best Wishes

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