My network places --> entire network --> microsoft windows network - windows 7 equivalent?


I'm having difficulty in trying to access other subnets from windows seven - it doesn't seem to see any.

In windows XP all i did was the following:

My network places --> entire network --> microsoft windows network --> I can see all the different subnets and access them here.

What is the windows 7 equivalent?



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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Not exactly sure that anything similar is possible but try this;
Open "Computer" in the left navigation pane near the bottom, select "Network"
From the menu bar (if not present hit the alt key on your keyboard) select view and change to "Details"
Again from the menue bar select "View" and then "Choose Details" check all the boxes and see if that provides any different information.
Typically we segment/subnet collision domains expressly to prevent netbios/bootp interaction. Most firewalls/routers will not natively allow/support the propagation of netbios information without some type of bridging or otherwise explicitly configuring firewall rules to allow the broadcast of UDP packets on ports 137 and 138 (generally not recommended). Try google(ing) you may be able to find some additional and more helpful information regarding the propagation of netbios through firewalls/routers.

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