My new notebook keeps on shutting down when I am browsing the internet

Has anyone encountered your PCs shutting down all of a sudden while browsing the internet? I have observed that this mostly happens on Firefox (am using ver4) while on IE8 it only happens quite seldom. If I am using other applications, I won't encounter this issue even when playing any games. My OS is Win7 SP1 on a 64bit machine.

I am not encountering ang BSOD, the muchine just dies (does not restart itself). I've already checked the system event logs and there are no malicious errors that could be seen. BugCheck in event ID 41 is 0. I've also tried running the default Windows Memory Diagnostic tool and even downloaded MemTest to futher check but no error reports are being thrown, so I am no longer looking at a possible memory issue.

Do you guys have any idea on what else to check in this scenario? This notebook was just recently bought and all MS updates have been installed including latest SP. I have already looked at the Device Driver and there seems to be no issue with any driver. Is there any other log that I need to look at?


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