My Nvidia 9800 gx2 will no longer work??

Hey guys, hopefully someone on here with better knowledge than myself can help me out here. I have been using windows 7 for atleast 3 weeks now and have been loving it. Only now im in a serious problem. Ever since I downloaded a graphics optimizer for the game "Morrowind" and attempted to install it into it's directory the installer crashed immediatly on startup and then a few seconds later my computer crashed. I booted my computer back up to notice that my resolution was really small. So i check to see it's set at 800x600 (when normally I run 1900x1200 since I use I widescreen monitor). Well my only options are to go as high as 1600x1200. See pic (

So then I try multiple things. First I download then reinstall the needed nvidia drivers for windows 7 64bit. Successful install but no changes. Then I go to device manager. Now I see the issue. It appears both GPU's of my Nvidia card have been turned off BY windows due to "CODE 43" and states the device has been stopped due to it having problems. See pic (

Now I decide to reinstall Windows 7 on a completely formated drive. Booted her back up and BAM same issue. Nothings changed. So lastly I click on Nvidia control panel and I get this message here. See pic (

Any suggestions? Anything would help. I KNOW this card works properly on my system with Windows 7 because ive been playing video games, watching movies, you name it on my computer perfectly fine for all this time. Obviously something has happened. I dont know if this was in result of me trying to install that graphics optimizer for the game "Morrowind" but it looks like the installer didn't even launch before it crashed so I really doubt that was the problem. Thanks guys!

Be sure to scan your system for viruses. Then:

1. Uninstall the graphic optimizer
2. Reboot
3. Uninstall the video drivers and any Nvidia software (e.g. PhysX)
4. Reboot
5. Device Manager > Delete the video card devices (both cores)
6. Reboot
7. Install the video driver (your CD or one you have downloaded)
8. Reboot

The newest Forceware versions may not work well with your card.

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