My PC Is Lagging


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Hey guys. Sorry if I am writing on wrong section. I have windows 8 64bit......!!!! My PC is laggy.. Don't know why.. I had formatted many times and I bought second Ram but the problem still remain.. I don't talking when I am playing games. I am talking when I browsing on the internet with Google Chrome or when I open files.. It is slow.. Not exactly laggy.. But sometimes it's lag. I don't see any BSOD.. that is good for now.. See my PC specs. + my PC is very clean so this is not the problem. Tell me what to do please. Thanks.

Fx6300 3.9ghz with stock fan
2x4gb ram crusial ballistix 1600mhz cl9
Gtx 750ti msi geforce 2GB oc
500gb hdd
Corsair 450w Vs series.
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This could be caused by a lot of things
  • Bad hardware (CPU, hard drive, memory)
  • Overheating
  • Improperly mounted CPU (heating)
  • Malware


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Meaning there isn't a good seal between the heat sink and CPU, or not enough thermal paste


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Download CCleaner from to clean up your hard drive. Did you built the computer yourself?
I already using this program for 2 maybe 3 years. I don't see big difference .. the question is why I still using it? Because i see a small difference on the performance but not anymore... now I am using the advanced system care 10..


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Well, that explains a lot.:rolleyes: The advanced system care 10 is made by IObit I believe, and that carries quite a payload of spyware viruses in it and I remove it from every system I see it on. It's definitely not on my approved utilities list. Just because you can get something for free doesn't mean it's going to work well or be virus free.:noway: As neem mentioned, that's one of the biggest problem with windows computers in general, and that's people downloading utilities they find randomly on the Internet that claim to be a panacea to fix all the problems with your computer--and most of them don't or can't do what they claimed. In this case, we tried buying a license for the paid version of the ASC (advanced system care) and it still comes with Spyware viruses! Ugghh! Get rid of that, and install a quality AV such as Norton, Avast, TrendMicro, or even McAfee. Run the CCleaner as recommended. That should speed up your system.:up:

If it doesn't you should consider hardware testing as any system built with W8x probably is experiencing failed RAM or Hard Drive by now. Use my troubleshooting guide here to do this: Windows 10 - Unclickable Task Bar

Replace any failed hardware components, and reinstall your W8.1 from factory Recovery media and that should take care of most problems. If it doesn't, you may want to pay a licensed computer pro to take a look at your system and get an analysis done by them.

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