my photos and videos disappeared suddenly

hi guys

i just bought HP laptop DV6 , windows7 ,

i took all the videos and pictures from my old pc and put them in my new laptop

i installed programs like photoshop , illustrator and coral painter

after a few days suddenly i found my picture and video folder are empty !!!!!!am so shocked i didnt delete them, thy just disappeared suddenly , i typed in the search the name of a folder or a video , they told me it have been moved to somewhere or been deleted , till now i cant find them , please tell me that thy still in the laptop :( please help


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How did you move the pictures and what folder did you put them in?

Some folders are no longer used in Win 7, depending on what OS you came from.

To search for the files, open Windows Explorer and make sure you have the primary partition highlighted to start the search from. The type in the name of the file or something like *.jpg to search for all files.

i selected the photos all of them, and pressed cut and put them in a flash memory, and pasted thm in my picture folder , they where there for a one week , but then suddenly they disappeared

i donno what is OS , lol sorry
hw i can make sure that the primary partition is high lighted?? please telll me by steps


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This may sound silly, but was the flash drive plugged in when the files were showing up?

Check the attachment. If your flash drive is plugged in, it should find the files on it to test.

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