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    hello all,

    i have bought a new pc.
    ProductbeschrijvingAP Stealth IVModelCoolerMaster Elite 310 behuizing - Midi towerProcessorIntel Core i7 2600 - 3,40GHz - 8MBRAM4GB DDR3Kaartlezer6-in-1 geheugenkaartlezerHarde schijf1TB - SATAOptische opslagDual Layer DVD±RewriterGraphics controllerMSI Nvidia GTX460SE Cyclone 1GD5BesturingssysteemSysteem is exclusief besturingssyteemInterfacesUSB 3.0, USB 2.0, RJ45 (Gigabit LAN), S/PDIF-out (Optical), 7.1 channel surround sound, VGA, DVI, HDMI
    AP Stealth IV i7-2600/4GB/1TB/GTX460 1GB/NO OS

    and i installed firstly Windows XP, and after that i upgraded it to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit x64

    this all worked fine, then i tried to make internet connection but then after calling to provider i found out i have at the Device manager some triangles with ! in it.
    Probably i need some drivers orso but i am not sure.
    i give a list of the triangles here below:
    - Ethernet-controller
    - PCI-Simple Communication-controller
    - Raid-controller
    - SM-bus controller
    - USB-controller

    can anyone help me how i get drivers and which ones if i need them, or tell me how to solve these problems?

    thanks in advanced

    greets Plinthje

    ps. i dunno this forum is english or dutch, i wrote it in english but i am dutch myself so answers in dutch are also welcome.
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    You need the chipset driver for you mobo. Go to the PC manufacturers website and download them from there. Checking you link, I see that it's in a foreign language, not english, so I'm having trouble finding the support/drivers download page.
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    Hi Plinthje,

    in reply to your pm and post could you please download this app: SiW In the following screenshot you'll see I've arrowed what to click. Could you supply the name of the motherboard or a screenshot and we will then be able to pinpoint drivers for you..

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