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MaC OS Debate

I started off on this website in the "Windows Installation Upgrade" section. I started there because of problems installing Windows 7. I was pretty ticked off at the time because 7 wouldnt install. I dont think I made any friends. I wont bore you with the details.

At that time I said I was going to get an imac and even after I said that I continued to do everything possible to get 7 installed but it just wore me out.

I am typing now on a used 7 month old imac that i bought today. I have been "playing" with this thing for roughly 6 hours now and havent had one weird thing happen while cruising the net. No pop-up's, no notifications, nothing. I know that isnt a long time but last week when reinstalled xp I didnt even have time to download/install my av/popup/adware software before getting slammed with crap.

I'm actually in Windows XP right now because I can boot between osx and windows. I like that because there are 2 programs that I need that only run under windows. I only need them occasionally but until they are available in osx or I find a replacement I still need xp. Windows is quite elegant looking running on the mac I must say.

What's strange is that xp actually runs better on this system than it did on my pc. I dont understand how that is. I would think it should run slower and/or have weird problem but it doesnt. I was fine with the speed of my pc. If windows 7 would have installed i would have been ok. Looking back tho, I did hate the malware/popup/dialog box crap. After 20 years of that it kinda wore me out i guess. I was hoping 7 would have stopped it but now I wont know.

The imac doesnt seem to be way faster for the most part (it's only a 2.8gig duo) but it is predictable. By that I mean that when you click on things stuff just works. No hoping that it will just does. That's pretty cool.

The keyboard kinda sucks. At least the space bar does. Maybe it's just 'cause I'm not use to it.

Someday I will give 7 another try but I have to wait until I can get the bad taste out of my mouth.

Just wanted to let 'ya all know my experience. It's honest and I'm not bashing 7, I just never got a chance to try it so maybe one of these days I can give a comparison review.

So there 'ya go.

obviously I havent master the art of posting since I posted the same thing twice. Hey Mike can you delete this one.

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I doubt anyone here cares.. we aren't connected with Microsoft.



No problem. I dont care either.

Like you, I solved my problem too. My solution was different than yours but the result was more or less the same.

In my case what little sanity I had left has been retained for the moment.

That avatar is pretty cool but you knew that already.

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