my TB hard drive is slowing down windows..

Hi I was wondering if anyone can help. My TB hard drive is slowing down windows...

I bought me a 1 terabyte Samsung hard drive from esquire for R648 quite a bargain.

But ever since I've installed it stuff start taking longer and maybe it’s just me it’s not much of a lagg but like on a cellphone it’s noticeable.

-but this isn't just me since I’ve installed it every time I right click on anything to copy cut paste create a shortcut what ever I do it brings up a blank edit bar and I hafto move my mouse over every option to make it appear.

Not even in just windows menu bars in Delphi 7 that I use for schoolwork too!

Microsoft word the whole everything does it.

It’s not my pc that’s slow I’ve got deulcore 3800+ AMD plus 3 gig ram and an nvidia 8600gt it should run smooth! Like it useto.

Maybe the hard disk space is too much?

Do I like hafto go to 64bit to support the extra room?

Help plz

It’s not serious but it’s annoying!

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