my webcam killed my windows explorer

[SOLVED!] my webcam killed my windows explorer


I was installing my new logitech webcam when my desktop disappeared. My icons and start button and taskbar, all gone!

I restarted the computer and my icons reappear temporarily. Then a message shows up saying that "windows explorer has stopped working" and all is gone again. Help!

I can still use my task manager to launch new programs (like the firefox browser i'm using to write this.) But I would like to get my desktop back.


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Fixed it!

Wow, this new windows is solid.
I used the task manager activate my firefox and look online and find solutions. Nothing presented itself right away.

Then I thought a bit, and common sense told me that if something wasen't working, it's probably because of the webcam I just installed. Therefore, I shut down all the processes that were labelled : camera, webcam or logitech.

Then I used the task manager's run option to relaunch >explorer.exe
That worked. I uninstalled and re-installed.
To re-install my webcam, I simply used the plug and play feature instead of using the CD that came with it. I was able to find all the drivers online and it works fine now.

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