My wife is still getting these weird messages?


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My wife is still getting messages from the extensions and

These all look like adds for legitimate products i.e. Medicare etc.

The Head lines have weird symbols in them and the body copy looks like this...

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superintend fiscalize yawning iodoprotein virtually yuppies stolen
instrumentally unbrutalised revised cede aldis Asiaticisation
antiseptizes orozco kneels unfaithfulness sonar celibacy ressentiment
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favourable superstition assessment great reconstructionist guideway
gossipy conformer fucose gobbledegook aidman sensitive eruct salesclerk
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flowerbed wrongest Uzi dissociated extern savages Daphne depolymerised
auxin brawniness Vijayawada latest rescaled untowardness copolymerizing
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anosmic monocycle premarket Greekizes rehonours demography batteau
tunicae mistrustfully balled Tamil SIGSYS griseofulvin Phaedra admetus
oleate quark bushpig multinucleated coth subregion mammon grooving
redrawing hornless stilling adjoins balancedness transcendent mystics
misanthropises unnervingly cartographer derail fattening sulk
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spermophile evaporate sniggling imprisonable acanthus uncertified
wrathfully cradles securings lysolecithin mungings lustier tripwire
hubby manipulative Weisenheimer feedstock birthroot mediaevalism drake
decurrent rooms natch Baylor cylindric velarise subgroup damnableness
hymn loving adulteration disadvantageously silicicolous spend
polynucleotide skaldic Ronnie playwriting zoolatry methodius compliments
multistorey arbalest bilaterally wampum mortgages bailee ergotises
photojournalists obdurately misplace swap galoot caprine uninvolved
molar bifurcated Seth sacramentally

She uses Thunderbird for here e-mail client, I can't get her to switch and it doesn't have any "Block Sender" application. Applying the message filters doesn't seem to work with just the used as a trigger.

Anyone know what this is all about, all of the copy are real words just all mixed together.

I've run malware scans and her computer is clean, but these things keep coming, at a rate of 5 or 6 a day.



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The only way is to run an email client with a junk mail fiter.


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Anymore info in the Header?

Do you have the option to block it at your Service Provider?


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you may also want to try dropping the @ sign. Just
See if that works better


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She uses Thunderbird for here e-mail client, I can't get her to switch and it doesn't have any "Block Sender" application. Applying the message filters doesn't seem to work with just the used as a trigger.

Thunderbird is the client, which downloads the email from a POP3 (or similar) email server. What is the service she uses for her email? Navigate to the web interface of that service, here you will find options to blacklist sending domains, extensions etc. Note if you're simply trying to block domains ( or whatever), that you may need to apply a wildcard before the @ symbol. Ex: *@xyz

And if there's no options to block senders and create blacklists on the email service she uses.. Well I'd definitely look at both and alternate service and client.

Mike, you & I both know... use a different E-mail handler. She'll get over being weaned from Thunderbird :friendly_wink::encouragement:



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I've been trying to get her to change for years.

I'll check out the other options and see what happens.


Good luck, Mike


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