My Windows 10 system has lost all audio - I tried everything - any suggestions


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Hello all...

Let me say from the beginning that this is my fault. I have several Digital To Analog converters attached via USB to my Windows 10 Machine. I am running version 21H1 with the latest update being KB4023057. I play music and also various sounds through these devices.

Even though I'm an advanced user, this morning I went into the registry to find and delete some specific older drivers from audio devices I have attached because of conflicts. And in the process, I'm positive that I may have deleted something that is now preventing any sounds coming from my system at all.

Now none of my audio devices are working at all. I uninstalled and reinstalled the most up-to-date audio drivers for all of my devices, but nothing in my system will produce sound at all. I checked everything - cables, plugs, making sure to select the right audio device, etc. But there is no sound whatsoever.

I rebooted several times - all to no avail. I even disconnected and reconnected all of my audio devices - all to no avail - there is no sound whatsoever.

My question is what, within Windows itself, could prevent sound from being played at all because obviously something in the registry was deleted? And how do I replace these items without having to do a completely install of Windows 10 because I have over 400 gigs of programs, etc., on my desktop PC?

FYI - I ran the scan /scannow command in my administrator power shell - no errors were found.

In addition, I did a system restore to a point two days earlier. Once finished, the sounds still would not play at all - uncanny.

And will resetting my PC cause me to lose all of my programs and files?


Ben Herrmann
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I tried virtually everything and nothing worked. I then just a reset (because I purchased my PC from Lenovo, there was a Windows 10 install on the hard drive). I did the reset - took 2 hours and it made sure to update Windows to the latest 21H2 version - I love it. Of course, I had to reinstall of my programs, but how's that saying go, "Sh_t happens..."


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Hi Ben,

By chance is your monitor connected with an HDMI or Display Port (D-Port) cable?

If so, go into the control panel, Sound, and set your sound back from Digital Audio to whatever your sound card it.


Let us know,
-T (Todd)

Additional. Make sure your speakers are working. Unplug the 3.5 mm connector from the green hole on your comtpuer and touch the end of it with your finger (or some metal on your comptuer case). Your speakers should hum/buzz at you
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Everything is working now. As I said, after trying dozens of suggesed remedies, nothing worked - so I had to do a complete reset. I'm not using sound cards - rather, I have external digital to analog converters (DAC's) attached, which provide audiophile level sound qualities and are vastly superior to the old fashioned sound cards.