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May 5, 2009
Tested Win7 beta here at work and it was actually rather smooth. Then came RC1 and it hasn't been quite as smooth. Some issues with RC1:

PC used for testing: Dell E4300 laptop, 4GB memory.

Beta loaded fine and all the Vista drivers from Dell worked in Win7 Beta without issue.

RC1 loaded fine initially, but the Dell NIC driver install says no supported device found. Left the driver that was loaded by RC1 and it seems to work.

RC1 took three tries to get the PC on our domain. It said it was joined, but the PC never showed up in AD.

Trend Micro anti-virus pops a driver error in RC1 but had no issues in Beta.

Running through various tests with our software so far has been ok, however attempting to run Chess Titans causes a video driver error with the Intel GM45 video and ends with a memory dump and restart. The driver in question is the update provided by MS through updates.

Uninstalled the video driver from MS and re-installed the Dell Vistra driver and all is now well.

After several hours of use and multiple restarts, the PC finally pops up informing of a missing driver for the fingerprint reader. Installed the Dell Security Manager and it took care of that.

Other various "weirdness" as Win7 seems to "notice" things after time and prompts for changes, updates or other settings required. Not sure why all of this doesn't happen right away after loading. It's almost a game to see what the PC is going to want next on a boot up.

Started the PC this morning to continue loading software and now IE 8 prompts for saving my settings again (just like the first time you use it). Hmmm.

Checked updates again and there are two new IE8 updates available, installed them and so far so good.

Log on and log off are excruciatingly slow in RC1, but seemed ok in Beta.

All in all, the look and feel haven't changed much (still don't like the way all the menus have changed and the methods for accessing settings I am used to in XP), but it appears a fair amount has changed internally from Beta.

Continuing to trudge through....
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