Mysterious crashes

Greetings all -- new on this forum.

I'm looking for advice on a crashing problem with the system in my profile. Here's how the crashes act:

-Can occur at random times, but certain apps, including Acronis Home Backup, never reach completion without crashing.

-May occur as a BSoD, spontaneous reboot, or shutdown.

-Once a crash occurs, it will occur again unless the system is left off for 20 minutes or so, obviously suggesting a cooling issue.

I've set up CPU and GPU temp loggers, and they both indicate perfectly normal temps at crash times.

BlueScreenView indicates drivers hal.dll and ntoskrnl.exe were found in the stack.

I loaded Memtest86 from a bootable CD, and it ran for several minutes, showing no errors, then set off a crash.

I've attached a recent BSoD minidump.

Suggestions? TIA...


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