Mysterious 'ghost' drive that doesn't exist, how to get rid of it?

Hi everyone,

I recently installed the Office 2010 trial and it insisted it wanted to be installed in drive Q: (a networked drive) but it had no writing privileges. The only way to coax the installer into installing was to remove Q: from the list of connected drives. After the installation, I have a new 'ghost' hard drive that wasn't there before, using the path Q: !!
The drive does not appear in the Drive Management tool; it has 0bytes of space; and I cannot remove it to mount the original drive on the network that should be using the letter Q.

Here's a screenshot of the Drives (in German).

Does anyone have any idea what happened and what may be done to fix it?


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Thanks, that explains everything! Looks like I'll have to uninstall... sigh.


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There's a tool to clean up after removing Office 2010, which includes removing the Q Drive. I can't remember exactly where I found it so I'm attaching in a zip.

Incidentally I had nothing but trouble with the "Click to Run" set up and gave up on office 2010. But you can now get a "standard" or off-line installer for a 60 day trial. Here's a Softpedia link (you can get it through official M$ links as well, I just didn't want to sign in to get the links!!). It's a chunky download at 585mb but at least it installs just the bits you want!!


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