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    Mysterious Nan Madol, island Pohnpei. And Yap Island in Micronesia.
    The sea level up around the end of the Ice Age! This building was built before raise the level of the ocean - and the ocean rose to 150-180 meters in about 10900-10500 BC.( AND Yonaguni Pyramid TOO)
    in the years 1974-76-78, American scientists discovered the bones of the giants on the island - growths twice than the modern man - a few graves of the basalt blocks
    according to extrinsic legends they were evil giants
    on the location of the destroyed and damaged masonry of basalt columns
    shows that the tsunami was moving from the Philippines - it was a huge tsunami, it has gone through the whole island - and the down like swept many basalt columns of weighing 5-10 tons! and as a the straw scattered the basalt columns weighing 5-10 tons.
    Perhaps it was a tsunami from a asteroid that fell in the Indian Ocean.
    Traces of a tsunami can be seen in Madagascar and Australia :shocked: :zoned:

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