n52 Interesting Driver Issue

Hey guys, I've read the sticky about driver posts, but I feel like there might be a way to work around this issue without having to wait on new drivers from Belkin. Basically, the vista drivers work on windows 7...

Until I restart or my computer wakes up. After this, the software will not open, if I try to open it, the loading animation by the mouse flashes for a second, then nothing happens. If I uninstall then re-install the drivers, they will work fine until another wake up/restart.

Anyone have any ideas?

Oh, and the product: Belkin : Nostromo™ SpeedPad n52

EDIT: Using RC 7100

Same issue

I have the same issue. I found that you don't have to uninstall or restart. The work around i currently use is i just unplug the usb cable for the n52 then plug it back in and it works again.

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