Naked Ambition: How PETA's Strategy of Nearly Nude Protesting Pays Off

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    The letters P-E-T-A stand for "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals," but you're forgiven if you thought they stood for "Publicity Events involving T and A."

    After all, it seems every time there's a slow news day, PETA is there to take up the slack by doing a publicity campaign revolving around attractive and scantily clad people -- usually women.

    The most recent, which took place last month on "World Water Day," featured some of PETA's vegan vixens taking showers in public places to illustrate how much water is wasted in meat production.

    Lindsay Rajt, PETA's campaign department manager, said having attractive women take showers in public serves two purposes.

    "We want our demonstrations to show what an attractive, healthy, fit vegan looks like," Rajt told AOL News. "In the case of World Water Day, we were coming up with ideas for a new campaign and wanted to find a way to bring boring statistics to life.

    "We crunched the numbers and discovered that the amount of water needed to produce one pound of meat is equivalent to six months of daily showers," Rajt said. "So we thought having members take showers would be a fun way to show that."

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