Nasty virus makes Windows xp not boot anymore....


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I am working on a customers computer, Windows XP home. It was hit with a nasty virus. I have removed the virus with AV software booted from a CD. It removed many many viruses. Now, when I try to boot, it doesn't even make it to the Windows XP screen. It just keeps rebooting, and asking "Safe mode, safe mode with..." menu. I tried last known good, and when selected, it does the same thing - just reboots. I thought the master boot record might be corrupt, so I went into recovery console and did a fixboot. Still, when computer turned on, it just keeps on going through the cycle of rebooting and going to that menu.

I can see the Windows directory from recovery console, so I know the files are there. Any ideas how to get this to boot back into Windows?


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Yes. Well, kind of... I have run each command separately. FIXBOOT, and then FIXMBR. I can't run a fixboot /mbr, there is no option for it. I don't think this is part of that new virus. Any other assistance?


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Yep. How to perform an in-place upgrade (reinstallation) of Windows XP
One of the many things I truly liked about XP, unlike subsequent versions of Microsoft's OSs you don't have to be able to boot into the OS in order to do it.
Hopefully you've got install media with at least Service Pack 3 slipstreamed into it. You'll still have a lot of updates to do afterwards but it is certainly a viable option. Read the article carefully.
And as always backup any and all critical data before moving forward.