Windows 7 NBA 2K10 still crashes after windows 7 clean install

I first figured out that I had done upgrade install windows 7 on windows vista and now I did Windows 7 clean install and NBA 2k10 still crashes and goes to blue screen what says something about "Check that you have adequate disk space".
Really need some help about this.. :confused:


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First, let's disable the automatic restart on system failure.
Open the start menu and type "system" and click "Edit' the System Environment Variables".
Under Start-up and Recovery click settings and under "System Failure" uncheck the box that says "Automatically Restart".
Now the next time the issue happens tell us exactly what the Error code and message says (just the code and attached message, not all that "A problem has occurred and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage" jazz.
Good luck,



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I'm sorry, I'm having some problems creating a gmail account (which is funny because I have an account for just about everything else google related)
Could you upload your screen shots here? (Click the picture link in the reply box and it would let you paste the URL from google)


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Ok, one of those screenshots is related to a driver, most likely a display driver, so what make and model is your graphics card?

I dont know where can I see this?? I think some Nvidia card or smth


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open the start menu and type "devmgmt.msc"
Expand the section that says "Display Adapters"
Tell us what's in the list.

Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT

It says I have latest installed, I know I downloaded this thing already:p

anymore suggsestions?


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Did the problem occur in Vista?

:(No, but are you telling me that there is no way I can run Windows 7 on my computer (Dell XPS M1530), before I installed Windows 7 I also checked compability and it was OK.


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Not at all.
I just find it strange that things worked right in Vista, but not after you installed Windows 7.
Is there anything about the game crashing in the event log?

Ooh now I just cleanly installed Windows Vista and the same problems continues.. :/


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Maybe your graphics card just isn't compatible with that certain game?
Go to Can You Run It and scan your computer for NBA (Must use Internet Explorer)

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