Windows 7 Need a script to remove "- shortcut" from all shortcuts on computer

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    Script to remove "- shortcut" from all shortcuts on computer


    I finally got around to turning off the "- shortcut" that is appended to the shortcut name by editing the registry on a friends computer. He has way to many shortcuts in my opinion.

    Does anyone have a script, or would someone like to write a script, that will rename all the shortcuts on a computer that have "ShortcutName - shortcut" to "ShortcutName".

    I can write most of the script myself. The code I need help with is the parsing of the filename. I have not started to write the code yet, just trying to get some ideas as I thought this could be useful for other file renaming tasks as well.

    I have not done any scripting for many years and any help would be appreciated.

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