Need advice!

OK my computer is built to run windows vista, I upgraded it to win 7 and had some speed problems so i downgraded to windows XP so is there anyway for me to upgrade to win 7 without losing any performance?

I can't prove it, but I've heard it said that Win-7 is more efficient than either XP or Vista.
I run Win-7 and XP on the same PC, but from different hard drives and I see no appreciable difference between them.
My XP is 32 bit and my Win-7 Ultimate is 64 bit. Everything runs fast on my PC.
So if you can reinstall Win-7, you should be OK.
Good Luck,

Joe S

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It would help to list your computer specs. Did you do a clean install of windows 7 or simply an upgrade? Upgrades are known for problems.

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