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I'm running on Lenovo Ideapad Z570... 8g RAM, core i5.. would like to know what you guys suggest as for games?


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Hi Beckyp,

sounds like your lappie isn't too bad for gaming, check out some of the reviews:

Lenovo - IdeaPad Z570 customer reviews - product reviews - read top consumer ratings

I don't think you'll be running anything too intensive but older games should be fine. What games are you into?

Cool! Well, if you put it that way...

I like puzzle games that are not for kids, but not that basic like Ravenhearst or Mystery games, something like that.. And also,
No violence
No wizardry stuff
No spiritism
No crimes

Would greatly appreciate if you could help! Thanks man!


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Wow.. that's some list. As your aware gaming is so subjective and what one person likes doesn't necessarily mean others will too. Take a look at this site which allows you to download a demo to see if you like the game or not plus it's free too...

Game Downloads - Get the latest updates, demos and mods for your games for FREE | GameZone

I'd recommend downloading Stream.

Steam is a gaming client that has a list of games categorized by gender, price, publisher, and ratings. If you are absolutely not sure about the type of games you will be interested in Steam is the way to go. Search for single-player or if you prefer find a good multi-player game. Start out by downloading free-2-play and Demo versions, then move on.

With the game parameters you mention, the first thought that comes to mind is PopCap. Have a look at the PopCap titles available for play. If you wish, you could purchase them all for a good 70% discount.


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You can also play those old quarter eater games from MS Games for Windows Live: PC Games -, and install the add on pack: Game Room.


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Well it should be okay for the most part... although stuff that is graphically demanding will probably cry out in pain on the nvidia 520m gpu it has... that said it'll beat the performance of laptops with crappy IntelHD gpus, it should be fine for basic console ports and older dx9 games (provided they are set to LOW detail settings as it'll be like a slideshow on Medium/High), and all web browser type games.

As the 520m has only 48 cores it'll be around a spec of a 7 year old desktop GPU like the nvidia 8600, so you can see why it's not going to perform well for modern games.

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