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    Trying to connect to both my phone, and an OBD code reader, problem is both of those plus my pc are all what I call a "passive" connection, they scan for, and pair with other devices, then wait for the other device to initiate a connection. I need to force my pc to request the connection "actively". Does this make sense, did I explain it correctly?

    How do I get the pc to initiate the connection?
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    Not familiar with some of your terminology when describing your computer, but if you have a Bluetooth control panel, there is probably a check box for making it discoverable, or active. I don't have mine enabled right now, so I can't see the exact box you need to check. You may have seen such a message on occasion from your system. I don't believe this is necessary, but you could try.

    If that isn't it, you may need to make your devices discoverable by the system. How you do this depends on what type of device it is. For a cell phone, there should be a procedure for setting up a connection. And remember, the max distance of Bluetooth is around 25 feet or so.

    If you can't get it to work, post back the details of your system as far as Bluetooth and I will enable mine to check.

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