need file from xp machine to vista machine

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  1. i just bought a new computer loaded with vista, i need to swap all my music and video files from my xp machine to the new vista os. i cant really afford, nor do i need/want to setup a permanent network between the two. anybody have any suggestions?
  2. its many files between 7 and 10 GB! music and videos
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    infra red transfer would be the cheapest.
  4. Or use a USB memory key

    Assuming you don't have a backup (like living dangerously?) which you could copy from... like a DVD, use a USB memory key. If you get a 1 GB key, you only need to make 6 round trips between the two computers.
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    Jul 10, 2007
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    1. you can use a portable hard drive.
    2. use this software "Windows Easy Transfer".
    goto - ORB, All programs, Accessories, System Tools,"Windows Easy Transfer".
    it's all next next next
    good luck.

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