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Hubby for Valentines day built me a new computer and put Windows7 Professional 64bit. Yesterday I ripped some music to the computer. It is not coming up in the Media player at all but is in my music. I would like it to be in my Media player as well. Please help....I am so frustrated and getting truely angry. Where is the media player tool bar I can't find it anywhere? Hubby is a frustrated with it as I am and he knows computers. Please, please, please help.



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Is it is the "Music" folder? If so Windows Media Player will automatically add it to the library..
If not, in Windows Media player, right click on "Music" in the left hand navigation pane and select "Manage Music Library"
Now add the folder where the music it at, and Windows will add the music to your library.

Okay I really hope you reply to this. It is not in my media library at all but in my music folder. I just did exactly what you told me to do and it still is not coming up in my media library at all.

Also when I put them on it the manage library they say Unresponsive below them as well as my music folder don't know if that has something to do with it. As well should my media player be in that manage library window?

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Okay I deleted the album off of my music and tried ripping it again. It rips fine and it shows it in the media music librabry but the second I exit out of the media player and reopen it the album is gone off the media library. Please please some one help.

Try This

I have had a similar problem. I'm guessing that your library is corrupt. Try this. First bring up the menu. You can do this by right-clicking near the top of the Media Player titlebar. Once you have the menu up, go to "tools", then "advanced", then finally "restore media library". A message should come up saying "Continuing will empty your media library and close the Windows Media Player. Do you wish to continue?" Press YES. Windows Media player will close. Open it back up and wait for Windows Media Player to search for music and refresh your library. Make sure that you have Windows Media Player watching your "My Music" folder. The picture below should help.


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Yeah I have tried that multiple times. I have even tried deleting the media player so I could reinstall it and humm it won't let me. I have tried taking control of it and it still won't let me delete it. Why can't this stupid thing be in control panel like it was with xp. Stupid windows 7 I HATE, HATE, HATE it. I thought this was suppose to be so much better and to me it is soooo much worse. Sorry about the venting but I am frustrated and have been trying to fix this for over 6 hours. Oh and something when I do the restore media library I am so lucky I get 2-4 copies of each of my songs and each of my pictures.

Windows has a service called "Windows File Protection" that prevents you from deleting important system files. That may be why you can't just simply delete it. I found a website that explains how to uninstall Windows Media Player 12. Then you can put Media Player 11 on your Windows 7. Here is the link: How To Uninstall Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7?.

I found another post where here on Windows 7 forums where the people were able to successfully uninstall WMP12. Here the the post:

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