Need help changing window display

for some reason, windows 7 auto changed the display of my windows. They used to be clear and when i hovered the mouse over the icons on the bottom menu, it gave me a small preview window of what the window was. now the windows are blue and when i hover the mouse there is no preview window, just text telling me what the window is. how can i get it back? Thanks


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What does your Windows Experience Index say(winkey+Pause)? If it is low for some reason, it may have reverted back to a non-aero situation. You might want to re-run the assessment

thank you, i was able to find the aero troubleshooter and it fixed the problem for me. i was running a program (avi player) that didnt support the aero display so it reverted to a simpler scheme, i got rid of the program and downloaded divx instead, it supports it so i shouldnt have any more problems. thank you though.

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