Need help correctly recording in 720p

Hey guys, I've been trying to record a game of Starcraft 2 in 720p for the longest time, but I've been running into quite a few problems.

The first try I did, I recorded using Fraps at 1024x768 and at half quality on Fraps, and I came out with pretty "meh" quality:

Then I tried to record at 1280x720 in Fraps at full size, and I got better quality:

But the problem is that Fraps video files are really big, so I decided if I am going to be uploading this, I need to compress it. So I used Windows Movie Maker, and saved the movie in a 720p format, and it definitely reduced the file size into something more easy to upload. But the problem is that I now get black bars on all sides:

How can I compress a video but keep it widescreen without any black bars?

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You'll be much better off using VirtualDubMod to compress to any AVI standard (any codec) or TMPGEnc 2.524.63.181 for DVD standard.

XviD codec should suit you well here for size/quality.

If you need help with either, let me know. They aren't too difficult to use.

Alright, I got everything to finally work out. I used VirtualDub with a Xvid codec, and it compresses great with minimal to no loss in quality!

Like check out this test clip for how my future broadcasts will look:

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Awesome! Good job with that!

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