Need help finding the cause of this bsod


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Theres the dump files I found from issue, any help would be appreciated as not familour with debugging manually... although trying to study the subject


Let's see if we can fix this for you. Sorry it's taken so long to get to your post. Looking your dumps for you now. Only thing I've noticed so far is you relatek network drivers are a little old. Rt64win7 Thu Feb 26 09:04:13 2009

Can you update that driver from

Could you also get screen grabs of cpu-z each tab and each pull down for the memory.


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Hello there!

Remove the Duplex Driver
sptd.sys Mon Oct 12 02:25:14 2011 follow this article DuplexSecure - FAQ it notorious for BSOD and other random crashes. If you still have BSOD then we might need to Enable Driver Verifier to find out what driver is causing it.


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cheers, will try a different ethernet driver (although fairly sure thats newest for that board) and i thought i had removed the sptd, will check next few days and post any findings.

As for the ram, it's running on the correct spd settings, even tried underclocking it down to 667mhz to see if made a difference but didn't, voltages are also normal. Personally got a hunch the PSU is the issue which will be replaced this week.

Full spec of the rig in question:-
MSI 965 Platinum (with newest Bios that was stable when previously used)
Pentium 4-D dual core 2.8ghz socket 775 @ 800FSB (Has large Zalman cooler so not overheating issues, also this model cpu has no Speedstep compatibilty so I disabled feature in BIOS before installing OS as it's a known issue with model)
Corsair 4x1gb DDR2 800Mhz
Seagate 500gb Sata HD
Generic Sata DVDRW
XFX/ATI 4650 PCIE gpu (using XFX's own download centre's ati driver 11.7 whql driver)
Generic 500w PSU
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Ok unit now has a brand new PSU but still acting flakey... for example yesterday I ran Prime95 burnin for 5 hours without a sniff of a problem, then tried AIDA with again no BSODS or issues, MEMTEST and Win7s memory test both passed too... then this morning BSOD back again.... Updated the LAN driver, cleaned out all trace of sptd few days ago, etc.


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Hi John, Stick your latest dump file up for us please!
Between us we'll get you sorted.

Or you'll throw the PC away! :)


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Well that may be a while since decided to reinstall fresh to be safe, got a feeling after the previous week's BSOD issues that it's possible system files are corrupted etc... so will post the new dumps as soon as get one from it.


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lol spoke to soon, soon as enabled the verifier tool and rebooted it popped a "Bluey", all I had done was install and that's it, nothing else done. At this point LAn and Audio are disabled in bios, although Gpu's onboard hdaudio is there I disabled in in hardware. Also checked no IRQs are sharing for the major devices.


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I'd also apreciate what tools or a guide for how to use them to do this myself, as kinda sucks having to wait for


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Right, I'm gonna cut to the quick with you young man, no "padding" :D.

Usual causes:
Kernel mode driver, System Service, BIOS, Windows, Virus scanner, Backup tool, compatibility

Your latest dump file lists Pool_corruption which usually indicates bad drivers.

Outdated Drivers. Update:

atikmdag.sys Fri Apr 24 11:51:57 2009 AMD Graphics Drivers

That's the only driver that's out of date. In fact, for a graphics driver, it's that old I'm surprised it's not written in Roman numerals! :)

If BSOD's continue you may have to flush out the rogue driver with DriverVerifier which, as you know, will crash your system. If it does, repeat the process that caused the crash at least a half dozen times so a pattern is created and the rogue driver (if in fact a driver is your problem) can be pin-pointed.

fffff880`00f09000 fffff880`00f60000   ACPI     ACPI.sys     Sat Nov 20 09:19:16 2010 (4CE79294)
fffff880`03ab6000 fffff880`03b3f000   afd      afd.sys      Sat Nov 20 09:23:27 2010 (4CE7938F)
fffff880`00e45000 fffff880`00e50000   amdxata  amdxata.sys  Fri Mar 19 16:18:18 2010 (4BA3A3CA)
fffff880`00ff7000 fffff880`01000000   atapi    atapi.sys    Tue Jul 14 00:19:47 2009 (4A5BC113)
fffff880`00e00000 fffff880`00e2a000   ataport  ataport.SYS  Sat Nov 20 09:19:15 2010 (4CE79293)
fffff880`03e81000 fffff880`043a3000   atikmdag atikmdag.sys Fri Apr 24 11:51:57 2009 (49F199CD)
fffff880`01671000 fffff880`01678000   Beep     Beep.SYS     Tue Jul 14 01:00:13 2009 (4A5BCA8D)
fffff880`03d12000 fffff880`03d23000   blbdrive blbdrive.sys Tue Jul 14 00:35:59 2009 (4A5BC4DF)
fffff880`015a4000 fffff880`015ce000   cdrom    cdrom.sys    Sat Nov 20 09:19:20 2010 (4CE79298)
fffff880`00c00000 fffff880`00cc0000   CI       CI.dll       Sat Nov 20 13:12:36 2010 (4CE7C944)
fffff880`01600000 fffff880`01630000   CLASSPNP CLASSPNP.SYS Sat Nov 20 09:19:23 2010 (4CE7929B)
fffff880`00d2b000 fffff880`00d89000   CLFS     CLFS.SYS     Tue Jul 14 00:19:57 2009 (4A5BC11D)
fffff880`01000000 fffff880`01072000   cng      cng.sys      Sat Nov 20 10:08:45 2010 (4CE79E2D)
fffff880`01630000 fffff880`0163e000   crashdmp crashdmp.sys Tue Jul 14 01:01:01 2009 (4A5BCABD)
fffff880`03c71000 fffff880`03cf4000   csc      csc.sys      Sat Nov 20 09:27:12 2010 (4CE79470)
fffff880`03cf4000 fffff880`03d12000   dfsc     dfsc.sys     Sat Nov 20 09:26:31 2010 (4CE79447)
fffff880`03a68000 fffff880`03a77000   discache discache.sys Tue Jul 14 00:37:18 2009 (4A5BC52E)
fffff880`019cc000 fffff880`019e2000   disk     disk.sys     Tue Jul 14 00:19:57 2009 (4A5BC11D)
fffff880`0163e000 fffff880`0164a000   dump_dumpata dump_dumpata.sys Tue Jul 14 00:19:47 2009 (4A5BC113)
fffff880`01655000 fffff880`01668000   dump_dumpfve dump_dumpfve.sys Tue Jul 14 00:21:51 2009 (4A5BC18F)
fffff880`0164a000 fffff880`01655000   dump_msahci dump_msahci.sys Sat Nov 20 10:33:58 2010 (4CE7A416)
fffff880`0447c000 fffff880`04570000   dxgkrnl  dxgkrnl.sys  Sat Nov 20 09:50:50 2010 (4CE799FA)
fffff880`04570000 fffff880`045b6000   dxgmms1  dxgmms1.sys  Sat Nov 20 09:49:53 2010 (4CE799C1)
fffff880`0112d000 fffff880`01141000   fileinfo fileinfo.sys Tue Jul 14 00:34:25 2009 (4A5BC481)
fffff880`010e1000 fffff880`0112d000   fltmgr   fltmgr.sys   Sat Nov 20 09:19:24 2010 (4CE7929C)
fffff880`013f4000 fffff880`013fe000   Fs_Rec   Fs_Rec.sys   Tue Jul 14 00:19:45 2009 (4A5BC111)
fffff880`01992000 fffff880`019cc000   fvevol   fvevol.sys   Sat Nov 20 09:24:06 2010 (4CE793B6)
fffff880`0188f000 fffff880`018d9000   fwpkclnt fwpkclnt.sys Sat Nov 20 09:21:37 2010 (4CE79321)
fffff800`02bf4000 fffff800`02c3d000   hal      hal.dll      Sat Nov 20 13:00:25 2010 (4CE7C669)
fffff880`01989000 fffff880`01992000   hwpolicy hwpolicy.sys Sat Nov 20 09:18:54 2010 (4CE7927E)
fffff880`03d23000 fffff880`03d39000   intelppm intelppm.sys Tue Jul 14 00:19:25 2009 (4A5BC0FD)
fffff800`00bad000 fffff800`00bb7000   kdcom    kdcom.dll    Tue Jul 14 02:31:07 2009 (4A5BDFDB)
fffff880`013c8000 fffff880`013e3000   ksecdd   ksecdd.sys   Sat Nov 20 09:21:15 2010 (4CE7930B)
fffff880`01460000 fffff880`0148b000   ksecpkg  ksecpkg.sys  Sat Nov 20 10:10:34 2010 (4CE79E9A)
fffff880`00cc8000 fffff880`00d17000   mcupdate_GenuineIntel mcupdate_GenuineIntel.dll Sat Nov 20 13:03:51 2010 (4CE7C737)
fffff880`00fdd000 fffff880`00ff7000   mountmgr mountmgr.sys Sat Nov 20 09:19:21 2010 (4CE79299)
fffff880`00e2a000 fffff880`00e35000   msahci   msahci.sys   Sat Nov 20 10:33:58 2010 (4CE7A416)
fffff880`01494000 fffff880`0149f000   Msfs     Msfs.SYS     Tue Jul 14 00:19:47 2009 (4A5BC113)
fffff880`00f69000 fffff880`00f73000   msisadrv msisadrv.sys Tue Jul 14 00:19:26 2009 (4A5BC0FE)
fffff880`01141000 fffff880`0119f000   msrpc    msrpc.sys    Sat Nov 20 09:21:56 2010 (4CE79334)
fffff880`03a5d000 fffff880`03a68000   mssmbios mssmbios.sys Tue Jul 14 00:31:10 2009 (4A5BC3BE)
fffff880`01977000 fffff880`01989000   mup      mup.sys      Tue Jul 14 00:23:45 2009 (4A5BC201)
fffff880`014b1000 fffff880`015a4000   ndis     ndis.sys     Sat Nov 20 09:23:30 2010 (4CE79392)
fffff880`03bb3000 fffff880`03bc2000   netbios  netbios.sys  Tue Jul 14 01:09:26 2009 (4A5BCCB6)
fffff880`03b3f000 fffff880`03b84000   netbt    netbt.sys    Sat Nov 20 09:23:18 2010 (4CE79386)
fffff880`01400000 fffff880`01460000   NETIO    NETIO.SYS    Sat Nov 20 09:23:13 2010 (4CE79381)
fffff880`0149f000 fffff880`014b0000   Npfs     Npfs.SYS     Tue Jul 14 00:19:48 2009 (4A5BC114)
fffff880`03a51000 fffff880`03a5d000   nsiproxy nsiproxy.sys Tue Jul 14 00:21:02 2009 (4A5BC15E)
fffff800`0260a000 fffff800`02bf4000   nt       ntkrnlmp.exe Sat Nov 20 09:30:02 2010 (4CE7951A)
fffff880`01225000 fffff880`013c8000   Ntfs     Ntfs.sys     Sat Nov 20 09:20:57 2010 (4CE792F9)
fffff880`01668000 fffff880`01671000   Null     Null.SYS     Tue Jul 14 00:19:37 2009 (4A5BC109)
fffff880`03b8d000 fffff880`03bb3000   pacer    pacer.sys    Sat Nov 20 10:52:18 2010 (4CE7A862)
fffff880`00fb3000 fffff880`00fc8000   partmgr  partmgr.sys  Sat Nov 20 09:20:00 2010 (4CE792C0)
fffff880`00f73000 fffff880`00fa6000   pci      pci.sys      Sat Nov 20 09:19:11 2010 (4CE7928F)
fffff880`00e35000 fffff880`00e45000   PCIIDEX  PCIIDEX.SYS  Tue Jul 14 00:19:48 2009 (4A5BC114)
fffff880`013e3000 fffff880`013f4000   pcw      pcw.sys      Tue Jul 14 00:19:27 2009 (4A5BC0FF)
fffff880`00d17000 fffff880`00d2b000   PSHED    PSHED.dll    Tue Jul 14 02:32:23 2009 (4A5BE027)
fffff880`03a00000 fffff880`03a51000   rdbss    rdbss.sys    Sat Nov 20 09:27:51 2010 (4CE79497)
fffff880`019f2000 fffff880`019fb000   RDPCDD   RDPCDD.sys   Tue Jul 14 01:16:34 2009 (4A5BCE62)
fffff880`015f3000 fffff880`015fc000   rdpencdd rdpencdd.sys Tue Jul 14 01:16:34 2009 (4A5BCE62)
fffff880`0148b000 fffff880`01494000   rdprefmp rdprefmp.sys Tue Jul 14 01:16:35 2009 (4A5BCE63)
fffff880`0193d000 fffff880`01977000   rdyboost rdyboost.sys Sat Nov 20 09:43:10 2010 (4CE7982E)
fffff880`01935000 fffff880`0193d000   spldr    spldr.sys    Mon May 11 17:56:27 2009 (4A0858BB)
fffff880`0168b000 fffff880`0188f000   tcpip    tcpip.sys    Sat Nov 20 09:25:52 2010 (4CE79420)
fffff880`01072000 fffff880`0107f000   TDI      TDI.SYS      Sat Nov 20 09:22:06 2010 (4CE7933E)
fffff880`01200000 fffff880`01222000   tdx      tdx.sys      Sat Nov 20 09:21:54 2010 (4CE79332)
fffff880`03bdd000 fffff880`03bf1000   termdd   termdd.sys   Sat Nov 20 11:03:40 2010 (4CE7AB0C)
fffff880`00fa6000 fffff880`00fb3000   vdrvroot vdrvroot.sys Tue Jul 14 01:01:31 2009 (4A5BCADB)
fffff880`01678000 fffff880`01686000   vga      vga.sys      Tue Jul 14 00:38:47 2009 (4A5BC587)
fffff880`015ce000 fffff880`015f3000   VIDEOPRT VIDEOPRT.SYS Tue Jul 14 00:38:51 2009 (4A5BC58B)
fffff880`018d9000 fffff880`018e9000   vmstorfl vmstorfl.sys Sat Nov 20 09:57:30 2010 (4CE79B8A)
fffff880`00fc8000 fffff880`00fdd000   volmgr   volmgr.sys   Sat Nov 20 09:19:28 2010 (4CE792A0)
fffff880`00d89000 fffff880`00de5000   volmgrx  volmgrx.sys  Sat Nov 20 09:20:43 2010 (4CE792EB)
fffff880`018e9000 fffff880`01935000   volsnap  volsnap.sys  Sat Nov 20 09:20:08 2010 (4CE792C8)
fffff880`03bc2000 fffff880`03bdd000   wanarp   wanarp.sys   Sat Nov 20 10:52:36 2010 (4CE7A874)
fffff880`019e2000 fffff880`019f2000   watchdog watchdog.sys Tue Jul 14 00:37:35 2009 (4A5BC53F)
fffff880`00e56000 fffff880`00efa000   Wdf01000 Wdf01000.sys Tue Jul 14 00:22:07 2009 (4A5BC19F)
fffff880`00efa000 fffff880`00f09000   WDFLDR   WDFLDR.SYS   Tue Jul 14 00:19:54 2009 (4A5BC11A)
fffff880`03b84000 fffff880`03b8d000   wfplwf   wfplwf.sys   Tue Jul 14 01:09:26 2009 (4A5BCCB6)
fffff880`00f60000 fffff880`00f69000   WMILIB   WMILIB.SYS   Tue Jul 14 00:19:51 2009 (4A5BC117)

Let us know how it goes.

And blame Jan for the delayed answer. She insisted a trip to Tesco's was far more important than helping folks out here!
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Lmao ok cheers for that, surprised about it being an old driver considering is 11.7 whql ones... hmmm, oh wait I didnt even install the Catalyst at that point... so that's been resolved, will keep you posted once next BSOD occurs.


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Hmmm been told it had another one, this time Bad Pool Header with "stop 0x000000019" havent got the dumps yet, but it's running on vanilla install with no AV, Ethernet disabled and onboard audio disabled, using catalyst 11.7... looking like graphics card issue maybe? as the chaps only got F1 2010 installed to stress test it. I had done a 2 hour Prime95 stress prior to that but obviously that doesnt test GPU. Getting tad fed up now..


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Cheers mate, will do once mate brings his Pc back around, might even pop a spare GPU in by Nvidia (as opposed to current Ati 4650 in it) to see if that eliminates it... fair chance the GPU was the issue all along?? will run the benchs tomorrow that you mentioned.


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I'm not saying it is the GPU but I do have a faint recollection regarding 4xxx series having issues. Don't quote me on that, I could be wrong!

Need Nemesis at least. He's well into his graphics!


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lol well the ati card in his is 2nd hand so no idea of its condition, where as the spare Nvidia 250 is from a good source and is under warranty still.
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I'm not saying it is the GPU but I do have a faint recollection regarding 4xxx series having issues. Don't quote me on that, I could be wrong!

Need Nemesis at least. He's well into his graphics!

I've personally never had a problem with a 4 series ATI card. Who manufactured it? Is it PCIE? May I suggest you try the 10.7 Catalysts and see how they go. As elmer suggested try Furmark and could you run GPU-Z and post all of the cards info including vender id.