Need help installing Epson EPL-5900L Printer

Hi guys,

Ive seen various how tos on the interweb hinting at how you can adapt the Epson EPL-5900L printer to run on Win 7 64 bit.

Id really appreciate some help if anyone could point me in the right direction of give me some tips.

Im getting tired of loading up my XP Vm just to print :(


I didnt know/think there was a 64bit driver available for Vista? Would you mind linking me to it.



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The link is in my reply, click the dark blue words. Just move mouse over "Epson New Zealand - Dowloads....." and click on it.

Hi bassfisher,

Thanks for the link.

I followed through the selection process, and it told me that there were no downloads for it.

From how you said it, it sounded like there were?

Thanks for your help.


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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Have you attempted to use the Windows Update Utility inorder to obtain a driver for your legacy printer?
Interestingly enough when I evoke the new driver wizard on my computer (Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with Service Pack 1 installed), I find that Windows has native driver support for an
Epson EPL-5900 ("L") and a native driver for an
Epson EPL-6100L (which may work)
See attachment.
I have searched and haven't found any other resource for Vista or Windows 7 for Drivers for your printer.
Evidently the printer has a Parallel as well as a USB interface for connections to your computer. Have you tried both or is that not an option?

Wow, really interesting developments here, thanks to you Trouble!

I installed a 6100 L and the green light on my printer started flashing, but the red light is also on constantly, so ill try a reboot and see what happens(?)

Secondly, can i just check with you. When i installed a printer, and it asks me for the port, i always click USB001: Virtual USB Port (because its connected via USB).

And i could certainly try a parallel, but it would require me buying the connection i think (which isnt a huge deal is it!)


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As far as I know, that USB port is generally a good default, with the only caveat being if another device is or had been using that same port. I've attached a screenshot of mine which is as you have indicated seems to be the same as you are using.
Also sometimes these types of cables can be unique and proprietary. Do you know if it uses a generic USB printer cable, or do you suspect that it is somehow a special cable?

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