Need help installing Windows 7 to a Windows 8 laptop.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by xfallenz38x, Dec 7, 2012.

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    I just got a new gaming laptop(MSI GE70). I was planning on getting the windows 7 version but they sold out before I could get one so I had to get the windows 8 version. I am trying to install Windows 7 with a USB created with the Microsoft USB client from an iso of Windows 64 bit that was installed on another computer. I am starting in windows 8 and clicking on the setup in the USB. It loads some things then restarts (I have secure boot turned off). goes to the "starting windows" with the animation and black background but instead of moving on with the installation it just sits there. I've waited about 10 minutes and nothing. The processor starts running faster but still nothing. If anyone has done this before I am open to alternate ways to install this that were successful.
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    I don't have WIN8, but if you are staring from WIN8 to install WIN7 that may be a problem. I belive that installing that way is for an inplace install of an existing OS.

    I would think that you would want to change you boot order to boot form the USB and install from there.

    This just a guess on my part but it may solve your problem.
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    Is this a retail version of Windows 8 or an oem? If it is an oem it will be configured for a specific pc and is very unlikely to succesfully run on a different machine. If it is a retail copy then it should install but you will then fall foul of the licensing limitation as you say it has already been installed on another pc. So either way you have problems - if you want Windows 7 on there you need to buy a retail installation disk. I have found no incompatibilities between software I ran on Win 7 and the new Win 8 (although that's not to say there are none) so you may like to consider making your Windows 8 Look and feel more like Windows 7 to help you make the transition to Win 8. Start8 from stardock is a useful utility for this - try it from here:

    Start8 for Windows® 8 - Bringing back the Windows Start menu
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    My experience is that games run as well or better in Windows 8, why go back to 7.
    I have 10 games installed right now, every thing from The Secret World and Guild Wars 2, to Lord of the Rings Online and Skyrim.

    They all run great in Windows 8.

    I use a different interface then the one suggested by patcooke.

    I use Classic Shell, works great and it's easy to setup and use.
    You can make your interface look like anything from XP to Windows 7.

    Welcome to Classic Shell

    I really don't see any reason to go back.


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