Need help installing windows 7

hello All

i need help installing windows 7

when i go to boot my system

it asks to press any key to boot frm CD - did it
after that it a screen appeard for choosing language and bla bla

after that screen apperead and i clicked on install windows 7

after that setup loaded and i choosed custom and later it asked me in which drive i should install it
i selected the drive and later it asking me for drivers but i used my mother board Cd but still it dint worked :(

plz tell me what to do now

processor : intel core 2 duo
E 7200

please help me


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Are you running a RAID setup? Do you have a RAID controller turned on in the bios?

Is this a new system?

What happens when you can't get it to take the drivers?

i dont know abt bios mode

i dont know weather i have raid or not

it asks for devices but all my drivers are not compitable i used mother board cd which they gave me when i bought mother board

bought it 8 months back


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It might be best for you to take it somewhere to let someone install it for you.

If not, try unplugging any external devices you have connected.

Normally the only drivers Win 7 asks for is a RAID driver, but there were some Nvidia chipset boards that needed special drivers.


What is the computer? Brand, model, components, etc. New or not?
it is made by my brother but hes in uk now so cant get his help

pc specs
2 gb ram
intel core 2 duo
E7200 @2.53ghz
250GB HD

The Windows 7... what version?

Was there another OS in it before attempting to install 7?
yes,windows xp sp 2

hello there

its a burnt DVD

i have not installed w7 yet

it is asking me for some drivers i can give u screenshot or video if u want

problem is solved now

thank you very much drew for helping me

really thank you very much

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