Need help Kernel-Power 41 error (63)


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my pc has started to restart due to a Kernel power 41
been in a pc repair and was told that there was nothing wrong with pc
and had been in for repair 3 times last time was for just over 2 weeks and was told the same they never witnessed to pc restart
this is the log I think

- <System>
<Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power" Guid="{331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4}" />
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2017-04-24T09:57:43.618475000Z" />
<Correlation />
<Execution ProcessID="4" ThreadID="8" />
<Security UserID="S-1-5-18" />
- <EventData>
<Data Name="BugcheckCode">0</Data>
<Data Name="BugcheckParameter1">0x0</Data>
<Data Name="BugcheckParameter2">0x0</Data>
<Data Name="BugcheckParameter3">0x0</Data>
<Data Name="BugcheckParameter4">0x0</Data>
<Data Name="SleepInProgress">0</Data>
<Data Name="PowerButtonTimestamp">0</Data>
<Data Name="BootAppStatus">0</Data>
<Data Name="Checkpoint">0</Data>
<Data Name="ConnectedStandbyInProgress">false</Data>
<Data Name="SystemSleepTransitionsToOn">0</Data> i7 4790
<Data Name="CsEntryScenarioInstanceId">0</Data>
specs of pc
i7 4790
z97 pro
Titan X
corsair vengeance ram 4x 8gig sticks
corsair 780 psu
Samsung ssd 850 evo 500g

any help tried the power options that ppl say still get the Kernel power

thx in advance
3x wd wd30purx-64p6zy0


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Well the power button timestamp is 0 so it's not detected the power button being held down. I would look at the System event log and filter for User32 events. Look through those and see if anything is initiating a shutdown which is probably doubtful when your problem occurs since they are considered clean shutdowns. More likely this is a hardware issue with the power supply and unless it's completely failed a pc tech won't be able to tell you that.


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just looking through the system logs and there are these that say error

<Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-DistributedCOM" Guid="{1B562E86-B7AA-4131-BADC-B6F3A001407E}" EventSourceName="DCOM" />
<EventID Qualifiers="0">10016</EventID>
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2017-04-14T01:34:28.536133200Z" />
<Correlation />
<Execution ProcessID="992" ThreadID="6880" />
<Security UserID="S-1-5-18" />
- <EventData>
<Data Name="param1">application-specific</Data>
<Data Name="param2">Local</Data>
<Data Name="param3">Activation</Data>
<Data Name="param4">{D63B10C5-BB46-4990-A94F-E40B9D520160}</Data>
<Data Name="param5">{9CA88EE3-ACB7-47C8-AFC4-AB702511C276}</Data>
<Data Name="param6">NT AUTHORITY</Data>
<Data Name="param7">SYSTEM</Data>
<Data Name="param8">S-1-5-18</Data>
<Data Name="param9">LocalHost (Using LRPC)</Data>
<Data Name="param10">Unavailable</Data>
<Data Name="param11">Unavailable</Data>

and this Warning

Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PnP" Guid="{9C205A39-1250-487D-ABD7-E831C6290539}" />
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2017-04-13T21:36:08.624724700Z" />
<Correlation />
<Execution ProcessID="4" ThreadID="136" />
<Security UserID="S-1-5-18" />
- <EventData>
<Data Name="DriverNameLength">24</Data>
<Data Name="DriverName">ACPI\PNP0A0A\2&daba3ff&0</Data>
<Data Name="Status">3221226341</Data>
<Data Name="FailureNameLength">14</Data>
<Data Name="FailureName">\Driver\WUDFRd</Data>
<Data Name="Version">0</Data>


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I also seen this

[ Name] User32
[ Guid] {b0aa8734-56f7-41cc-b2f4-de228e98b946}
[ EventSourceName] User32
- EventID 1074
[ Qualifiers] 32768
Version 0
Level 4
Task 0
Opcode 0
Keywords 0x8080000000000000
- TimeCreated
[ SystemTime] 2017-04-24T13:44:36.403626800Z
EventRecordID 13020
[ ProcessID] 576
[ ThreadID] 2512
Channel System
- Security
[ UserID] S-1-5-21-3940922178-1144428469-1201000883-1002
- EventData
param3 Other (Unplanned)
param4 0x0
param5 power off

could this be the root of my problem