NEED HELP - No system/flash application/window media player sound!!!!

Recently, I just built a new computer system with the following specs:

_i7 930
_Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
_Gigabyte 460GTX

I connected my old speakers (SoundMax 5.1) to the new computer with all the required drivers installed from the bundled driver disks. However, as far as I have seen, I CAN ONLY HEAR the sound when playing games, watching .mkv movies using KLite Codec (I also can hear the "bell" sound when using Windows Sound Control to test each speaker). BUT I CANNOT HEAR: the system sound (bootup sound, shutdown, error, notify....), sound of the flash application running on webs (mp3 player, clips, webgames...), sound of the .avi movie playing by either KLite Codec or Windows Media Player.

I tried reinstalling Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit/32bit and still the same. I also tried the drivers taken from Realtek website/Gigabyte website but also the same result.

Can anyone help me with this :(


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That's strange,

Look under Device Manager and see if there are any flags.

Go to Start > Run, and type msinfo32, expand the Components sections, choose Sound Device and paste that info here for us to look over.

What is the exact make and model of your sound card?

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Uninstall K-Lite and then install ffdshow. That will go a long way to helping your issues.

Install the latest HD audio driver from Realtek's website too.


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K-Lite contains the ffdshow components:



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You should uninstall any audio codecs you downloaded and installed from 3rd party packages, besides the one from your Audio manufacturer.

Thank you guys for all the supports.

After trying all the suggestions with no result, stayed up until 2AM and still couldn't fix it, feeling so desperate, I tried plug/unplug the speaker cables and bang, it works again :D

Well, I did a little check again and saw that I misconnected the cable, I plugged the front speakers cable into the side sound connection. Maybe this is the reason why I can only hear sound from some sources and not all.

Anyway, now I know this is a great place to ask for Windows support :)


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Glad you got it, come back anytime.

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