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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by miababy, Feb 3, 2010.

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    hey everyone,
    we just bought a new desktop from a computer shop that they built for us and it has windows 7. we bought it like last week.. it was working perfectly but for some reason now when i turn it on it takes AGES to load the welcome screen, spends AGES on a black screen before actually logging you in, when it was super fast before that. along with that, some programs just wont open (such as any of the games, our internet security program Trend Micro, and some other bits and pieces). i was goign to try doing a system restore back to the day before to see what had been changed, but found out it wasn't turned on.. so tried to use the help and support but alas, that isn't working either. i have wireless internet which was working fine until this happened, now i get several different errors with it before it will let me connect, but even when i do connect, i cant use it. my internet program says its connected but internet explorer wont bring up any pages.
    i dont understand! to my knowledge, nothing happened to change the computer but after trying several different things from websites, nothing has worked and im at my wits end!! can anyone help? got no idea what to do next...
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    Some things you can try
    Boot your computer into safemode with networking, by tapping the F8 key as your computer is booting, try opening some integrated programs while running in safemode with networking, paint, notepade, wordpad etc. see if they seem to open and close promptly, open a browser like IE8 and see if that performs OK. If the computer seems to be acting ok in safemode with networking, then read this article How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7 and follow the steps to see if you can determine what's causing the problem.
    Also while in safemode with networking try running disk cleanup and disk defrag both located in Accessories-> system tools.
    If the problem seems to persist, then you can also run, chkdsk /r it will take (probably) a very long time to complete, don't interrupt the process, let it conclude. If it finds errors, then I would suggest taking it back to the system builder and telling them about the hard drive issues.
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    Maybe not a helpful comment but, as you have only just bought it, you should take it back and tell them to sort it out. Sounds like a really bad install, which is theur responsibility.
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    My computer used to do some of that stuff sometimes, along with other things. It would start to take forever to start up and log on, programs would not open, and the ones that did were constantly crashing. If a system restore didn't work, you might want to create a new user account and move all of your stuff over to it. That's what I did. It's a hassle, but it fixed my computer for about a week every time I did it. If that didn't work, or it works good for about a month and then freaks out again, I would get it checked out. I did, and I haven't had any problems since I did.

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    Hi miababy

    I think you have the same problem I am having now. Your hard drive might have bad sectors and could be corrupting important files that are disabling important stuff like wireless internet. I really am just guessing because I think I am currently going through everything you are going through. Your best bet is to bring it back to the makers, tell them what I told you and get your hard drive replaced if you're scared of DIY.

    Hope I helped and good luck

    Greetings from Cambodia


    PS: Does your internet say connected with limited access? Mine said that and it drove me nuts. It meant I was connected....but I actually wasn't.

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