need help plz :(

i need help ok so my laptop was lagging and stuff and i thought i got a virus and so i did a system restore and stuff i installed my video driver and stuff but i cant play at as good detail i was playing WoW at default setting with no lag at all but after system restore i even lag at lowest what else do i need to install its a hp laptop i have windows 7 but when i go to i click my graphics driver and i installed almost everything and nothing better and i went to (my graphics driver place) and installed there graphics driver and it was slightly better but not nearly as good please help! :(


Scan with Malwarebytes, after updating the definitions while running it. Let it remove everything it finds then reboot.

I'm a retired PC Tech, but I still get called out to fix computers all the time. It's mostly software related things, like spyware, trojans, etc.
AVG takes care of the real viruses and Spybot S&D takes care of most of the spyware, but when something goes beyond their ability to remove.....I call on "Malwarebytes". It's a great program for getting the last remaining parts of spyware like "My Web Search" out of your PC.
Good advise TorrentG!

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Could you post some more system specifications for us please?
Also, is it the game PERFORMANCE that is lagging, or the game server CONNECTION (latency time)?

PS, welcome to the forum, old timer. Hope you stick around :)

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