Need help - Windows 7 - Please help.

I reinstalled my windows 7 because i had a virus on my computer, they hacked me...

The problem is:

I reinstalled windows 7 and deleted windows.old [ 69gb ]

But my (C:) should be more space than this..

I have nothing left on my computer, and i have done a disk cleanup.

Why is it only 116gb free?

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I don't know if a reinstall adds the same files as an install, but there may be some hidden system files on the drive that start with $.

If you want to remove those, use the Disk Cleanup utility located in the All Programs-Accessories-System Tools folder. When you run it, click on the Clean up system files button then check and select what files you want to delete. Make sure you look at the entire window to see if any installation files are listed.

If you don't want to do this, look in the C: directory for any folders with the $ in front.

I have already, done a disk cleanup mate.

why is it only 116gb free of well over 200gb...



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The attachments you show do not give the size of any folders/files, so nothing there that might help. You know your system better than anyone, so you would be the best one to find extra data that is not supposed to be there.

I will say I do not recognize .XXX folders.

Have you emptied the recycle bin?

What size of page file are you using, the default as far as you know?

Maybe someone else will see something.

No help to get,


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You seem to have a linux installation sitting there, together with Windows.
I assume, from your post, that you have not yet installed any software?
But this could not have been an install from an original disk. Was it a recover program, or an image reinserted?
There are several folders there which do not belong, if this is a clean, unmodified, install jagex_cache:Joltubuntu:bot client and several others. They are most likely the culprits.
But perhaps it would help if you explained how you did the reinstall.

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