Need help with BSOD ASUS A52 Series A52F-XE2 NoteBook

I just got this laptop
ASUS A52 Series A52F-XE2 NoteBook

like 2 months ago and about 2-3 times a week it random restarts the dumps are down below. Any help would be nice .

View attachment minidump.rar

Hey there Genma and welcome.

You'll want to uninstall AVG in safe mode with this tool:

AVG - Download tools

Reboot and install MSE.

Enjoy. :)


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Wow really, that easy going to try , I should learn how to read those

It seems like anti-viruses now a days are causing so many BSOD. It really makes you wonder. That's so ironic, the thing that's suppose to protect your computer is actually harming it.

MSE is what I always recommend because it is literally impossible for it to cause bsods.

Other than that, it is my personal belief that many of these antivirus apps are worse than actual malware. I've been saying that for years.

Genma, your case happened to be very simple. The minidumps are usually much more complicated and difficult to diagnose. Usually, it takes a high degree of knowledge and skill to figure out what issues may be. It basically comes down to knowing about all software with drivers, which cause issues and which do not, and why. It's not a casual learning type of thing. :)

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