Need help with HDD installation

Hi there, I'm currently running windows xp sp3 and I'm going to install Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on Monday when my WD caviar black HDD arrives.

Now my XP is running on a 70 gb raptor and I'd like to know what's a good way to wipe my data because I plan to replace it with the caviar black.

I also want to know if and how I should check the new HDD if the sectors are good, etc. Is there anything in particular I should do before installing windows 7? I also have a 500 GB drive already installed for extra storage in case it matters. I backed up my data from the raptor to this drive. When installing WIn 7, the 500 gb drive shouldn't be effected correct?

Anyways, I just want to know the steps I should take to get what I want. Any help is appreciated.

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You should just be able to install W7 without having to do anything to your new drive but I'd wait till after the install to hook up your second drive.

If by second drive you mean the 500gb one, it's already installed and in use. I just want to get rid of the raptor (main drive that run xp) and replace it with the new drive coming in tomorrow. I guess I'll try replacing it and putting in the windows 7 disk to install and see what happens. Don't know what else to do.

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I suggest you first disconnect both the 70GB Raptor and your old 500GB HDD so that you can do a clean install on the new WD caviar black HDD.

Boot up and go into the BIOS to make sure that your DVD drive is 1st in the boot order.

Boot the computer from the Windows 7 installation DVD and follow the screens through to completion.

I suggest that you don't make any partitions on the new drive during the installation process. You can always do that later if you really need to.


Thanks, I appreciate it. I'll report back when it's done

Installation successful, thanks. HDD took long time to ship

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