Need help with keyboard!

Hey guys.

My mum has a netbook and has recently been having problems with her keyboard. She sent it back to the manufacturer and they sent it back, saying it was fixed, but alas, it is not! There only seems to be one problem with it - when the enter key is pressed, a backslash (\) appears. There's no other enter/return key on the keyboard and obviously this key is very necessary. I've looked into mapping the key to another unused key but for some reason it doesn't work. Any ideas would be appreciated as she doesn't want to send the computer back to the manufacturer if this is only going to happen again!

Thanks in advance,

Hi Mike, thanks for the speedy response.

I've already tried this method, with no success. Got anything else?



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What brand is the netbook?

It is a Samsung N150.


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Hi again

Have you tried this...

Sometimes the keyboard drivers can get corrupted.
You need to change them or test the driver.

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Go to Device Manager and uninstall the keyboard. Then restart the computer and let it re-install the keyboard and drivers.
You can also try installing new drivers for the keyboard.

Samsung Input Drivers for Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7


Fixed it!

Re-reading the posts here, and going back to the howtogeek article, I had a lightbulb that perhaps the changes I had made to the keyboard via Sharpkeys may still be in effect, even though I uninstalled it. So I reinstalled it, and sure enough, the changes were still there. So I cleared them, re-wrote the registry, rebooted and hey presto! It worked.

Thanks for all your help in this, Mike, it was driving both my mother and I nuts!

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